22 Feb 2013

February's Babies :)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyoneeee :)

Happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday 
Maisarah on 4th Feb and Mira on 20th Feb :)

Happy 20th birthday and for Mira your date of birth is same as your new age. Kekeke :P

Maisarah and me :)

Mira :)

I wish all the best for both of you. May Allah bless both of you.
Stay awesome stay pretty stay crazy stay hungry !
May both of you have a great future ahead. Insya Allah :)

Forget me not. If you do forget me, there's no more Syeda on this Earth :'( 

Important things that you guys should know, I'm so thankful, Alhamdulillah for having you guys as my girlfriends.
I love both of you, Mas and Raf too.
You guys always cheered me up with melatah, going to mamak in the middle of night, parody videos and of course all the crazy things that we did altogether.

♥ ♥ 

My feeling to all of you right now just can't be described by words.
I love you, girlfriends !
Btw, I love Pipo too ! Kehkehkeh *nak jugak love pipo*

Even we're far apart, always keep in your mind that Syeda Cantek always be with all of you.
Wherever we are, we are Leopardies 


  1. hahah im touched!! yea im 20 on 20th feb thats awesome kn?! thx sayang love u lillah!! forever insyaAllah! jgn lost contact! tu je yg aku harapkan..sbb dh byk sgt xperience..xmo mcm tu taw! hehe ape2 pn kne share together2..kte kn leopardies!! hehe muahhhxx!! <3

  2. nak nangissssss :'( nak jumpa semua, rindu semua. nak jadi gila dengan semua.

    -mas idayu anak pak saleh-