11 Feb 2013


Tiga puluh ribu seratus tiga belas.
Thirty thousands hundreds thirteen.
Tiga kosong satu satu tiga.

Farewell people :) 
I'm no longer a citizen there.
A place that give me so much kind of memories.
Wherever I go, I will remember you.
I do appreciate you.
You gave me too many precious moments.

Thank you thank you thank you.
I'm leaving with smile.
No more cries no more regrets no more upset.
Perhaps, will meet again.
I will be there for my awesome buddies there.

My soulmate will be there, soon.
I will be there. My soul will be there.
Take a good care of my soulmate. 
Please don't put much pressure on my soulmate.
Let's my soulmate enjoys the last moments at there.

For my buddies, all the best to all of you. 
You guys did very well till now and keep it up till last day.
Allah always be with all of you.
May His blessings, His power be with all of you.
I'm not being there anymore but my memories keep staying there with all of you.

All the best people :)
Much much much and more loves to all of you ;)

Selamat tinggal
Au revoir